What’s the problem?

It seems my week is bringing to me a lot of people experiencing some sort of a “problem.”  Funny thing to say for a therapist I guess.  But what I am actually seeing as an observer is that the problem seems to be the actual hook.  Not necessarily the situation itself.  By definition a problem is a difficult question or situation with an unknown or unclear answer.  The word problem usually describes a negative situation but often it simply refers to a challenge or even an opportunity.  I refer then to the wise old words,  “it is what you make it.”  Our minds are such monkeys that we are often very quick to think of all the things associated with a given situation or challenge that we end up with a compounded  issue and that makes it much more complex and complicated than it really is.

Most often I think the problem is that we are feeling something that we really don’t want to.  That nagging sense we have to find a solution is really just that part of us that has not stretched open enough to realize that everything is okay, even when we have a “problem” and feel like shit.


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