Your Fear is an Ally

You know that part in you that holds the trepidation, the idea that things could go wrong, that you could maybe repeat a “mistake” that brought you pain in the past….Listen to it!

That doesn’t mean stop what you are doing and do what that voice of fear says.  It doesn’t mean that the fear can predict the outcome any better than any other part of you can.  It just means some part of you has something that needs to be heard and acknowledged.  Why not sit and listen.

Often, it is our instinct to keep our fears at bay.  It is like we listen on the side.  Just how much energy are you using to keep it on the side, just pushed out of your conscious attention?  If we use any energy at all to keep it down, out of sight, out of fear that it will take over then you are creating a conflict in yourself. You are only giving that part of yourself a tight, constricted place to live within you.  Then that voice stays a contracted voice because we are contracting against it.

When we stop and sit and deeply listen to our fear then we can hear its message.  We can embrace the concern that our being is bringing forth.  We can use our understanding to say to ourselves, “Yes, I know that hurt in the past and I learned something from that experience.  Thank-you fear for speaking up what I understand is that I don’t want to be hurt again.”  You can use that fear to guide your present actions and choices.  When you listen to your fear with understanding you are giving yourself the opportunity to not use the past as your leader but rather as a guide, to be here now in full acceptance of yourself.

When fear is present remember to ask yourself, What is the worst thing that can happen?  Then ask yourself, and if that happens what would I do?

How would I respond?

Who would support me?

What is it that I need?

Fear voices, like any other voice such as judgment, anger, resentment, etc. could be your ally.  Really there is just a part of you that is attempting to express itself.  You have the choice to welcome that expression and support your freedom of conscious presence or to push it away and keep yourself fragmented and feeling that something could happen that you won’t be able to deal with.


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